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 "the reason i wanted to be with u i wanted to make a difference and help u which is something u never actually let me do but i care immesnly about u to this day i still think about u i evn tell my mom i wonder how your doing im sorry it didnt work out ut between u not want ing help and the distance it was a nulled effort

I still miss and care about u Lisa Marie Briggs"

I hate him.

Why does he do this to me?

I can't take his shit again and again.

There's not a bit of truth (or good spelling) in any of those fucking sentences. 

All he ever wanted, was to treat me as a toy he could pay with and then put away when he was bored with me.

He played with my feelings like they were nothing.

"I love the fact Lisa loves me."

He said that to my own best friend to get rid of me so I wouldn't "worry" about him anymore because he was so suicidal. But the honest truth behind it, he just wanted to play another mind game with my head.

I don't believe a thing he'd ever told me anymore.

I'm sick of it.

I won't be dragged down by him again.